Mindy has a very calming energy and soothing voice which comes through in her hypnotherapy session to create a safe and relaxing space for healing. Mindy is a great accountability coach who provides support and follows up to help you stay on track with your goals.

Rose J

My name is Mary Myers, and I am a 61 year old retired school teacher who was in need of something to help relieve stress. It was suggested that I look into hypnotherapy, so I contacted Melinda Gholson (Mindy). Mindy has the tools and ability to guide me into a lovely, light state of peace.  She knows how to harness my imagination and takes me to a new level of awareness. I am grateful to be a client, and I will most definitely be returning.

Mary M.

I cannot say enough. I was having a rough time, just not able to move past my problems. Mindy listened to me and helped me identify and understand what I needed to do to get past it and start to heal. Still working through things but would not even be this far without her.

Ruth B.